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When you hop in your Mazda3 in the morning and turn it on, does the engine sound louder than normal for about half a minute? Certainly any unfamiliar noises, especially on a fairly new vehicle, can be disconcerting. If it’s what we think it is, though, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn the answer to the question, “Why is my Mazda3 so loud when it starts?” While a noise can be made by any number of issues, there’s also a good chance this is a normal function of your Mazda that’s actually working to your benefit!

Let’s start with this question: Have you noticed the louder engine sound at startup in particular on colder days, and not as much during summer or when your car’s been in a temperature-controlled garage? If so, we think we know what’s going on! It’s actually your Mazda3‘s Accelerated Warmup System.

Mazda3 start up noiseWhat’s the Accelerated Warmup System? While the average engine may take several minutes to warm up in cold temperatures, your SKYACTIV engine is different. Using a higher RMP of about 1500, as well as an advanced combustion process, the catalyst is warmed up quickly, resulting in cleaner emissions. It will slowly become quieter as the accelerated warm-up is completed and the whole thing should take around thirty seconds.

So, do you need to wait for the Accelerated Warmup to complete before you take off? Not at all. Just head out on your way and let your SKYACTIV engine do the work.

Now, if you answered “no” to the question of whether this happens on cold days, and it’s not quieting down in about a half a minute, you might be facing another issue. Feel free to bring your car in to us here at our service center so we can take a look for you, and if it’s something else that needs to be addressed we are happy to assist you.

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