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As today’s car technology revs up, certain aspects of the driving experience become relics of the past? Do you remember a time when you had to manually put the metal key inside your vehicle right by the handle and turn to open, much the way your home or apartment key works now? Many of you do, no doubt, but more and more young people don’t as keyless entry with the use of a fob becomes steadily more available. And some automakers are really taking things to the next level, including Mazda! Ready to learn more about the Mazda advanced keyless entry system? Today we’ll tell you about some of the options that are currently available on Mazda’s winning lineup and how to use them.

The most basic keyless entry system for Mazda vehicles simply allows you to lock and unlock doors by pushing buttons — Your standard key fob. There’s one button to lock up, one to unlock, which you can push once to only unlock your driver’s door or twice to unlock them all, one for the trunk, and a panic alarm. Note: if you accidentally hit the panic alarm (it happens), simply push lock, unlock, or panic alarm to turn it back off.

The advanced keyless entry is where things get more exciting. Using this system, available on many of our models including the Mazda6 sedan and CX-5 crossover, you’ll be able to gain entry to your vehicle without ever taking the key out of your pocket. There are “request switches” located at the driver’s, passenger’s, and trunk doors, that you can simply push to gain access while carrying the key. As with the key fob, push twice on the driver’s side door to open all doors.

What happens if there’s a malfunction or dead battery in your key? Don’t worry — an auxiliary key is cleverly hidden in your fob so that you can sill always gain access to your vehicle when you need it.

Questions? Give us a call here at Holiday Mazda or come in for a test drive and check out the keyless entry options yourself!