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What is the Mazda Tire Pressure Recommendation?

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When you drive around Fond du Lac, your tires are slowly starting to lose pressure. Your fuel economy goes down as you lose Mazda tire pressure, and if you don’t check your tire pressure, it could damage your tires. That’s why you need to regularly check your new Mazda tire pressure and inflate them to the standard PSI for your tires. Proper tire pressure is essential to your safety! So, what is the recommended tire pressure for a Mazda? Holiday Mazda is here to help. Check out the recommended Mazda tire pressure chart below, or check the printing on your tire.

Recommended Tire Pressure

Vehicle Mazda3 Tire Pressure Mazda6 Tire Pressure Mazda CX-3 Tire Pressure Mazda CX-5 Tire Pressure Mazda CX-9 Tire Pressure Mazda MX-5
Tire Pressure 36 psi 36 psi for 17-inch/35 psi for 19-inch 36 psi for front/33 psi for rear 34 psi for 17-inch/36 psi for 19-inch 36 psi for 18-inch/34 psi for 20-inch 29 psi

How to Check Mazda Tire Pressure

It’s essential to wait until your tires are cold before checking the tire pressure, so you get an accurate reading. Wait at least three hours to ensure that your tires have properly cooled off before checking your Mazda tire pressure. Once you know your model’s standard PSI for tires, follow these steps to check your Mazda tire pressure:

  1. Remove the valve cap from the tire.
  2. Gently place the pressure gauge over the tire valve.
  3. Carefully remove the tire pressure gauge after receiving a reading.
  4. If the reading is low, inflate air in tires to the recommended tire pressure listed above. It’s also printed on the sidewalls of the tires.
  5. If the tire pressure is too high, squeeze the tire valve’s metal centerpiece to release air until the appropriate level is reached.
  6. Place the cap back on the valve once the tire inflation pressure is correct.
  7. Repeat the process for each tire until each is filled to the correct level.

Why is Mazda Tire Pressure Important?

Keeping your recommended Mazda tire pressure may not seem like an essential part of vehicle maintenance, but regularly checking your tire pressure makes a dramatic difference in overall driving performance on Oshkosh roads. Your tire pressure will fluctuate depending on the temperature. When you drive with the standard PSI for your Mazda tires, you will experience:

  • Prolonged tire life
  • Improved fuel efficiency
  • Smooth handling
  • Even tire wear
  • Optimum tire contact
  • Less likely to damage wheels on potholes or other hazards
  • Better braking distances

Holiday Mazda is Your Best Source for Tire Care

If you need any help making sure your tires are correctly inflated for Appleton roads, make a service appointment at Holiday Mazda. Our Mazda certified service technicians are happy to help you keep your tires in great shape or choose new tires. You can make a service appointment online. Let us know how we can help you. We are conveniently located near Beaver Dam. Contact us today!

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